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I'm Dominique...

I work in wildlife conservation, wildlife research and ecological monitoring, and try to help conserve our nature in any way I can. I'm currently focusing on The Kordofan Giraffe Project. 

I've worked with wild animals for 18 years, first in a wild animal park where I grew up in the UK, moving onto practical conservation and applied research projects all over the world while I earned a first class BSc in Animal Conservation and Biodiversity with honours, after which I began ecological work in the UK, before landing my dream of working with giraffe in Africa where I am now based in Chad each dry season!
For the rest of the year I am based in Bedfordshire in the UK, where I am a member of the Bedfordshire Mammal Group, conducting regular monitoring of Dormouse sites and helping with other surveys as well as their web presence, I enjoy gardening, national trust properties, art galleries, golf and the theatre.


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