Traditional Orchard and Noble Chafer Beetle Survey

2011: People's Trust for Endangered Species, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre, Natural England. 
Traditional Orchard Survey, Buckinghamshire.


Project Overview

People's Trust for Endangered Species mapped out potential BAP Traditional Orchard habitat in Buckinghamshire using aerial photographs and historic maps. By the time the PTES funding had run out their volunteers had confirmed 93 of these sites as BAP habitat (PTES, 2012). I along with an ecologist (Jez Elkin) from The Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Recording Centre set out to confirm the remaining 694 sites as BAP habitat. While there we conducted ecological surveys for Noble Chafer Beetle presence.


  • Confirm the site and ascertain if the orchard is still there and can be classified as a BAP habitat.

  • Gather base line data of taxa in the area.

  • Look for signs of Noble Chafer Beetle.

  • There is also an opportunity to provide advice and support to orchard owners if they are interested in managing in a traditional way, for the benefit of biodiversity.


(Over 8 weeks): 

  • 82 orchards were surveyed.

  • 16 orchards were no longer present.

  • 21 orchard owners were identified and return visits were arranged.

  • 7 orchard owners denied access for orchard to be surveyed. 7 orchards were not accessible.