Ecological Services

Surveys, Reports, Advice and Legal Information


When and Why do you need an ecological survey or advice?

If you are planning a build, extension, conversion or to demolish a building or do any serious landscaping that may involve disturbing ponds and habitats used by wildlife, you need to be aware that many species of our British wildlife are protected under law, and without taking proper advice from trained ecologists you could be responsible for disturbing, injuring or killing these protected species unintentionally. They are all so important for our planets health, for example; bats save the UK economy £80 billion a year by predating insects which would damage crops intended for human and animal consumption. 

Usually the process will go like this; you engage an ecologist to survey your property for protected species, or generally for all habitat and wildlife present, they will report back to you, what is present, how your plans will potentially negatively impact on that wildlife and habitat, and they will advise on how to achieve your aim while making mitigation for the wildlife and habitats present, for example, if you need to fill in a pond, creating another pond further away from the build, if you need to cut a tree down, planting more to replace it, or seeing if you can work around the tree, and incorporating ways to encourage wildlife into your new design. With every new build the expectation by law is to improve the biodiversity, not just offset it. These measures will also make your site more beautiful and healthier for you, with the mental and physical benefits of wildlife finally being realised on a larger scale. 

Ecological Services & Licenses

I've worked in the UK ecological industry since 2013, offering protected species surveys, habitat surveys, desktop studies, mitigation advice and garden and landscape designs to improve biodiversity on your land. I work independently and as a sub-contractor to larger ecological companies. 

Licenses held: 

  • Dormouse Class License 

  • Great Crested Newt Level 1 & 2

  • Am working towards bat license, conducting and leading approximately 720 hours over the last two years of emergence and transect surveys, preliminary roost appraisals, roof removal supervisions, translocation under colleagues license, and have attended hibernation surveys with the Beds Bat Group. 

Courses Attended: I'm always looking to expand my knowledge and refresh my brain! 

  • Bat Ecology and Conservation with the Bat Conservation Trust, 2018.

  • Dormouse refresher, People's Trust for Endangered Species, 2017. 

  • Advanced Barn Owl Surveying and Mitigation with the Barn Owl Trust, 2017.

  • Advanced Wildflower Identification, Wildlife Trusts, 2017. 

  • Wildflower Identification, Wildlife Trusts, 2017. 

  • Level 1 Bat License Training with Insight Ecology, 2017.  

  • Barn Owl Ecology, Surveys and Signs with the Barn Owl Trust, 2016.

  • Badger Awareness Training with The Badger Trust, 2017.

  • Water Vole Ecology and Conservation with the Mammal Society, 2013. 

  • Small Mammal Trapping, Bedfordshire Mammal Group & Wildlife Trusts, 2012. 

  • Dormice Ecology, Surveying, Conservation and Mitigation, with the Mammal Society, 2012. 

  • Beaver Ecology, Surveying and Conservation, with the Mammal Society, 2010. 

Services Offered

Protected Species Surveys: 

  • Bat Surveys - Emergence Dusk & Dawn.

  • Great Crested Newt Surveys & Translocation - Habitat Suitability Index, Bottle Trapping, Torching, Netting, Egg Searches, Bucket Trapping.

  • Dormouse Surveys - Habitat Suitability, Nut Hunts, Nest Tubes and Nest Box Checks. 

  • Breeding Bird Surveys, 

  • Reptile Surveys and Translocation, 

  • Badger Survey, 

  • Water Vole Survey, 

  • Otter Survey, 

  • Barn Owl Survey.

More General Habitat and Biodiversity Surveys; 

  • Desktop Study, 

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal including Phase 1 Habitat Survey, 

  • Freshwater Survey, 

Costs and Quotes

I'm happy to discuss payment on a case by case basis and generally work within a hour's drive of Bedfordshire, but will consider further afield depending on the job and pay. 

As a sub-contractor to larger companies: 

  • Travel expenses: 75p-95p per mile. 

  • Bat Surveys: £75-100 for Dusk and Dawn (for me as an individual joining lead surveyor, no report).

  • Report writing £150. 

  • Dormice and Great Crested Newt Surveys: £150-300 per visit depending on size of site and job needs (using my license). 

  • All other work daily rate of £150-£300. 

There is no cost for quotes. Email me through the contact form on the homepage